Weed Mat and Weed Control Mat

Non-woven spunbond weed mat controls weed growth found in land maintained by professional growers and landscapers. Weed mat is a highly versatile ground cover fabric available in polyester and polypropylene in a variety of weights and thicknesses, which allow water and nutrients to pass through the non-woven weed mat fabric, whilst preventing roots from implanting into the soil.

Non-woven spunbond weed mat is ideal for landscaping and horticultural applications, as a weed suppressant, soil and gravel separator or a base for bark or stone chippings.

Our weed control non-wovens are resistant to UV rays, mildew and rotting. The unique properties of non-woven spunbond weed mat makes it easy to handle and to slit to size (using scissors) without fraying.

Our weed mat non-wovens are environmentally friendly, reducing the need for chemicals and herbicides and are better for your soil (as compared to impervious plastic sheeting) as they allow moisture to still reach the underlying soil.

Spunbond Polyester
Spunbond Polypropylene